Busy != Pony Time

It’s very sad when my days consist of work, travel, and the only pony time I get is trolling the COTH boards. Don’t get me wrong, love the community there, but there is not quite anything for your soul like sitting in a saddle, as I am sure most there would attest.

In my time off, I am trying to remain fit (ha…) and stay mentally focused.

Today I got to test how well my time away was treating me.

Answer: Not well.

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Pet Peeve – Slow Spooking

I am not a “triggered” person. There is no one event, word, or situation that will throw me into blind rage. This is especially true with horses, where more often than not I am told I am too soft and ineffective.

There is one horse behavior that truly drives me batty. And I encountered it when riding Q this week.

Let me set the stage, Q is not – by any stretch of the imagination – a wild horse. He always tends to be behind your leg, and he carries himself as a “been there, done that” kind of guy. It is rare he will bat at eye at anything. Like, truly anything, sometimes *I* jump at noises that he is just like, What’s going on up there, lady?

I cannot reiterate how calm this horse is.

If ever there was a gif to describe how Q treats life…

With all the rain we’ve been having and the mild unsoundness, I got on the goober still expecting the same Q.

RULE NUMBER ONE WITH HORSES, DOOFUS. Expectations? Throw them out the window.

It took one strange spooking horse in the distance to initiate the launch sequence. Hopping and rearing. Pretending we were a dolphin. It was cute, were it not for the 5 other horses in the ring.

I will ride through most fanfare, but rearing is not an activity I am not willingly participating in, especially since there were other (well-behaved but impressionable) horses in the ring.

Out of courtesy for others, I got off promptly and marched the guy down to the smaller, quieter ring.

Mind you, I didn’t want to let him loose, because I still wasn’t sure how he would feel soundness-wise. I had a good idea he’d feel fine, since he was impersonating bombastic marine life. However, I was not going to let him buck around in case it was cold weather jitters, and he tweaked something further.


So I got back on in the smaller, quieter ring and like *magic* had old Q back, slow and predictable (and most importantly sound!).

However, I knew he had a hidden energy in him, so I was fed up with his “I couldn’t possibly trot forward” schtick. Dude, you tried to plant me in the ground not 10 minutes ago!

I cannot….  -Q

We had nice forward movement, then later returned to the “scary” ring and acted a perfect gentleman. At any rate, the spooking followed by zapped energy is not a strategy for success when I am riding. I will make them move forward if they show me that they are willing to spook explosively.

What are your hidden pet peeves?


Another trip down unsound horse lane, after experiencing this with the previous horse I rode. It always is frustrating to gain speed and steam only to but told to rest in the height of progress. Hopefully we are not sidelined for too long, but at minimum Q is going to need a couple days to relax and recover from some soreness.

What does that mean for me?

I get to return to thought pieces and mindful reflections on my riding.

Topics to be mulled over.

As an aside, I do not expect this unsoundness will last long, this soreness is very mild.

So…. This is how I get out of work?

Delay, Delay Go Away

Our show has been officially delayed. While sad we are not showing this weekend, this will be a good chance to actually accumulate all the necessary gear before jumping into the show ring. As well, it never hurts to have more practice time, especially given all the weather-related drama we’ve been having lately.

Accurate depiction of everyone’s feelings on the rain.

This past weekend, I finally got a chance to look at videos of myself riding. I obsessively made others film me in university and early adulthood. I shrug certain equitation problems away unless it is staring me in the face, so these were always helpful to give an unflinching look at my problems.

There is no substitution for boots on the ground, preferably yelling at you, but a video of what you look like can at least remind you of what holes in your riding need tackling.

Very rarely do I look at videos and feel better.  The more likely outcome is me looking and wondering how the heck I can get away with what I am doing up there.

Lady, would it kill you do drop in your heels on the landing?

This was one of those times I was pleasantly surprised though. There was a lot I would change, but that’s a part of my self-improving nature that will always be there.

My hands are doing less weird things. Trust me, they used to do really weird things, like pull down into crotch regions with super long reins. Shivers.

I still wish I had less expressive shoulders over fences, but I recognize there is improvement there. I need more weight in my heels on landings, but my leg is fairly stable at this height.

I see areas where I could support Q much better through sharper turns, but I need more flatwork to really get him bent around my leg more effectively.

Turning, still hard.

All of that will come. I am happy I see progress! If this was a video review, we would not quite say touchdown. But maybe this qualifies as a 2-point effort.


Mutual Progression

At the risk of being a broken record, I must say Q has been out of this world. We have to consider where he began. The first time I rode the little guy he would –

  • Be incredibly behind your leg, borderline catatonic
  • Not engage his hind end (weak, plodding tracking, see point above)
  • Crane his head and chomp on bit
  • Aggressively pop his shoulder to the left
  • Fall in through any inside turn (see point above)
  • Lean heavily on your hand
  • Refuse to do walk to canter transitions
  • Fall and stumble on downward transitions

Now, hold on, I am not saying I am the savior that fixed these problems. Far from it. Nor am I saying that all these symptoms are fixed.

However, I cannot believe the horse I sit on when I ride this week as compared to the one I rode a couple months ago. With a good farrier and regular work under non-beginner-lesson students, Q has so much more balance and strength to each of his gaits.

Truly, cantering up to jumps is enjoyable (and not feeling as if we are in reverse, on a treadmill).

Night rides help, or so I think.

I have also come a long way with Q, as lord knows, he is not the only one with issues to unpack. I am a leaning, fingers-opening, shoulder hunching monster at times. His balance question marks have instilled a center of gravity that is deep in my heels, rather than pinching in my knees as I am occasionally known to do.

His slower pace transformed by aggressive “get ‘er done” tactics with relaxation and nuance.

It’s a wonderful thing – to do right by each other – and in that way I truly feel as though we are partners.

I call Phoebe, Q can be Rachel.

This weekend should finally mark a jumping lesson. I am looking forward to hopping over some fences for the first time in over a month (darn, rain).

How have you all progressed over winter?

Sunshine, is that you?

We had our first day of sun (pause for applause) in ages at the barn today.  It was a hilarious start to the day, when we heard that the rings were closed, then they weren’t so we played a bit of chicken on being able to ride.

It turned out to be a beautiful day though!

See that blue sky!

I started the ride with a hearty number of companions in the one viable riding ring of what is typically multiple arenas. I didn’t get as complete of a warm-up as I usually do, mostly because I felt it better to keep moving rather than plod along the rail, doing shoulder-ins and other lateral movements while new riders were learning how to steer.

Reading the ring, I kept it pretty simple to start. Q felt great, he had been a little pigish my first ride on him on his left side. Always tougher that direction, after a long break of regular rides, he will try to bulge  his left shoulder inward and swap his lead tracking left.

If you let your guard down, he will push that button. But today, he was tremendous at the canter going left.

Tomorrow is hopefully a jumping day, and we are also (fingers crossed) going to have a couple less people in one ring at once. I am grateful to be able to ride, but it’s hard to be productive and hyper-vigilant of the different riders (with varying experience leves) around you.

How was everyone else’s Saturday rides?


The Plan

Tomorrow I ride for the first time in a week and a half now. It is so good to be getting back in the saddle, and I now have some more news to look forward to.

Horse show in March!

Hilariously, I do not have any respectable show clothes that I can wear in the divisions I will be riding in. My European-inspired jumper flair is not going to work for Adult Hunters and Equitation. So, the hunt begins for new clothes that won’t make my trainer gag when I step into the ring.

How my current trainer sees my bedazzled KEP helmet…

But this also presents something tangible for us, a goal!

Now all our work will lead up to time in the show ring. Cheers to wearing my tall boots again!