Recipe for Progress

Leaping off my discussion of the trajectory of progress, I sped into a world of thinking, how do we achieve progress? Moreover, what can we, as riders, do to ensure we are moving in a direction that we like?

When I visualize the rider I want to be, how ever many years away it may be, what can I do to be that rider? It requires a foundation, a plan. Or in cooking terms – ingredients and a recipe to complete.

Without further ado, my recipe for progress.

Finished Product. Just kidding. Credits to Mollie Bailey Photos and Chronicle of the Horse.

Future Confident and Consistent Rider

Serves as many horses as she can get her hands on.

Requires at least 3 year of planning, forethought, and many failures. Prepare accordingly.


  • Good Attitude
  • Understanding, patient, and knowledgeable trainer
  • Barn Community
  • Money, probably lots of it
  • Various horses, sourced from different backgrounds and walks of life
  • Competitions
  • Clinics
  • Online Forums
  • Perspective
  • Humor – Optional, to taste


  1. Start with good attitude, horses, and trainer and combine slowly until the right mixture – you’ll know when you look forward to lessons and spend fewer moments writhing in frustration and more times smiling.
  2. Add a barn community to mixture slowly, be sure to separate kooky personalities from mean-spirited folk. Remember everyone has bad days on this step.
  3. Sprinkle money, do not use sparingly
  4. Once set, take mixture and put into oven. Garnish with clinics, online forums, and competitions. Add more money. In fact, use the rest of your money you have in the cabinet.
  5. Once complete, you will start to see the perspective rise.
  6. If having trouble with any of these steps, supplement with humor. It will assist in your journey. As well, continue to revisit step 1 until you are completely satiated and satisfied.

What is your recipe for riding progress?


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