Delay, Delay Go Away

Our show has been officially delayed. While sad we are not showing this weekend, this will be a good chance to actually accumulate all the necessary gear before jumping into the show ring. As well, it never hurts to have more practice time, especially given all the weather-related drama we’ve been having lately.

Accurate depiction of everyone’s feelings on the rain.

This past weekend, I finally got a chance to look at videos of myself riding. I obsessively made others film me in university and early adulthood. I shrug certain equitation problems away unless it is staring me in the face, so these were always helpful to give an unflinching look at my problems.

There is no substitution for boots on the ground, preferably yelling at you, but a video of what you look like can at least remind you of what holes in your riding need tackling.

Very rarely do I look at videos and feel better.  The more likely outcome is me looking and wondering how the heck I can get away with what I am doing up there.

Lady, would it kill you do drop in your heels on the landing?

This was one of those times I was pleasantly surprised though. There was a lot I would change, but that’s a part of my self-improving nature that will always be there.

My hands are doing less weird things. Trust me, they used to do really weird things, like pull down into crotch regions with super long reins. Shivers.

I still wish I had less expressive shoulders over fences, but I recognize there is improvement there. I need more weight in my heels on landings, but my leg is fairly stable at this height.

I see areas where I could support Q much better through sharper turns, but I need more flatwork to really get him bent around my leg more effectively.

Turning, still hard.

All of that will come. I am happy I see progress! If this was a video review, we would not quite say touchdown. But maybe this qualifies as a 2-point effort.

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