The Right Thing Comes Along – New Horse

Horseback riding has offered me continual trickles of heartbreak. The sport of the wealthy teaches you to gather what you have and repeat, This is enough. I have enough. Even if what you have does not include an 8 year old dark bay with grand prix jumper potential or a tack room full of French saddles. Humility and gratitude, forcing me to cherish every moment with these magical animals, contribute to a better mind and spirit.

Thus, when stars align and the universe smiles down, sometimes I think I have to shake myself to wake up from a dream.

It’s happening though, I have a horse to ride in my new city! Better yet, I will not be out of house and home.

Over my 16 years, I have been blessed to ride many types, and can safely sit on most. Not talking Olympic level talent, but I can keep my wit and humor on the spooky and green.

As expected, this guy may be a bit of the latter (not as much of the former).

This is big news for me. I cannot wait to share more details.

2 thoughts on “The Right Thing Comes Along – New Horse

  1. That is so exciting – congratulations on all the stars coming together and getting some pony time! Can’t wait to hear more details! Is this one a bay as well? 😉


    1. Of course! It has to be bay apparently! Not that I mind, my childhood was all greys (great for photos, but I sure as heck got great at cleaning those guys up!).


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