Introducing Smile-Worthy – Every Monday

I am going to try to post each Monday about something that makes me smile related to horses. Because who doesn’t need cause you to grin on the start of the work week?

Today, it has to be the most comforting smell of hay and horses that make the barn feel like home.

One day, I will sell scented candles of it. Of course, don’t need one for the car, it already absorbs that any barn scent despite my over-attentiveness to keep riding equipment in hermetically sealed containers.

What is making you smile on Mondays?

Meeting this guy made me smile.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Smile-Worthy – Every Monday

  1. The smell of hay is absolutely amazing. I can’t really describe why, except for the fact that like you said, it just feels like home – there’s something nostalgic about it. I secretly love picking up hay from the feed store just for the smell alone (except for the fact that no matter how hard you try, hay just gets absolutely everywhere).

    I would totally buy one of those candles. Maybe you could pitch it on Etsy? You can sell anything there. 😉


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