Knocking off Rust… or Dust?

For the life of me, I cannot remember if the phrase goes to knock off dust or rust. Both possibilities are applicable in my scenario, where I had previously not seen a horse in over two months (which similar to dog years, that two months only multiplies in experienced time).

I have finally, finally broken that streak, and it is the most wonderful feeling to get back into doing what I love. All things aside, I rode with a very knowledgeable and friendly trainer today on a beautiful horse. I have to decide if the type of program offered is the right angle to aim my trajectory.

One of the best programs I have ridden in. Also taken at my least-favorite clinic ever — for another blog post.

Too high? The money tree runs dry, and I experience greater stress than enjoyment.

Too low? I do not excel nor feel challenged.

It’s challenging being a young-adult, young-professional horseback rider. Finances are constrained currently, but you sort-of think 3 years down the line and where you want to be as a future-rider. I continually remind my far-too-practical self, you are spending money on this because you love to do it, and even after constant drilling I still feel guilty about all the money.

At a time when I had no program, and rode without a trainer. We survived, but I needed someone to yell at me for throwing those shoulders.

Horses are never a wise financial decision. Take the pill, swallow as many times as necessary.

Down the road, it can be hard to envision how passionately I will feel about being recognized as an exceptional rider / riding impressive horses. I have in my last year reset my expectations on showing. I will likely never attend WEF as an exhibitor, and that’s okay. Joyous memories of me on horseback are entangled with proud showing moments and champion ribbons, but also barn sleepovers, thoughtful clinics, and trail rides.

I do not need the prestige. But I do need the stimulation.

Right now, I look at amateurs that compete regionally and nod slowly… Yes, that I can do.

I hope this program works out, but if not I am willing to wait for the a good fit.

How has the program you are riding in and the trainer you are riding with defined your future horse aspirations?

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