Dress to Impress

I’ve never been too fussed about the gear my horse goes in. As long as horse is happy and the equipment is functionally safe, brand or the look of what we were wearing never even entered my radar of importance. Mostly because, as a kid, functional and not ugly were the two required checkboxes – horses were expensive enough as is, and I was not super *cool* to know what was trending on the circuit.

Absolutely shocking to think I wasn’t cool growing up.

My perspective has shifted somewhat. Now, I care less about the ribbons (nice, but not need to have) and more about pictures I get to remember the memories. And because I love photos, I also care about how we (really, how the mare) look(s) in photos, and thus the quality of the gear that the horse wears does, in a small way, complete the picture.

Not in the sense that I would throw a “most leather wins” contest. I’ve seen those, and drowning a horse in gadgets does not look nice or make much sense oftentimes. But having a bridle that is not plastic-material and a square pad that has seen a washing machine in the last 6 months is more of a requirement for me now.

Imagine my pleasure of seeing mare in brand new and BEAUTIFUL gear. She looks really nice, and I was mega-impressed with the quality of the leather given the affordable pricepoint. Dang, she looks good in grey.

“Why are you walking away from me with that light-up box?”

In a short two weeks, she will be wearing it again at our first horse show (holy mackerel, stress). Luckily it’s a venue she has shown at extensively. I do not get too nervous anymore (stay tuned for the next post) but it would be nice if I was not a completely absent driver.

My preparation thus far has been to admire the horse in her new gear and eat Girl Scout cookies. As far as I know, the road to success is paved with delicious packaged treats.

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