While the introductory post to this blog made me off as a complete clown, I can say with some confidence that I am a pleasantly mediocre rider with a very talented horse. My American roots have given me a good foundation, which I have inserted into a lot of different coaching scenarios and disciplines. The mare has been around for a bit of time, so not much fazes her at this point.

The entire arena foliage on one jump.

We even have moments of discernible teamwork, where we are communicating seamlessly and neither of us are cranky/hungry/otherwise preoccupied.

The nature of riding makes it so that you are always reflecting on what you could do better for yourself and your partner. This is not unlike other sports, except our partner does not speak English (or any verbal language), is fearful of most things, and could kill us fairly easily.

Riding is almost as much of a thinking exercise as it is actually doing. This introspection can sometimes sneak into other areas of life (cough, work), but the humility and hunger for progression is a good thing… until it isn’t, but that is another post.

The Mare and I have had a backwards relationship that started with a lackluster phase and has transitioned to more of honeymoon.

The honeymoon stage is why most horseback riders love the sport, you are totally in sync with the animal and the connection/partnership built is effortless. Often fleeting because we are dealing with two sets of personalities, moods, and physical capabilities.

In search of some velcro pants

Albeit foolish to rely on an animal that will bolt at a plastic bag, there is something unspeakably validating. You know it’s against their ingrained nature to trust you, and yet they do it anyways. There is a bit of faith on their part, that sometimes is difficult for even a “rational” human to do.

For now, Mare and I are kicking it, figuring each other out, and bootcamping for show season.



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